Reiews on Patient Fusion

  • Anonymous (June 16th, 2016 )5stars
    A very professional doctor, excellent service, and would 100 percent refer to all friends and family.


  • Anonymous (May 23rd, 2016)5stars
    Knowable and thoroughly on my eye exam.


  • Anonymous (April 25th, 2016)5stars
    She’s awesome. Very caring and takes her time to explain and talk with her patients.


  • Carmen (April 25th, 2016)5stars
    Dr. Elise is an extraordinary professional besides the staf is very friendly and always answer all calls, this is important when visiting a doctor, I recommend Dr Elise as a professional that gives confidence to patientes.


  • Anonymous (April 25th, 2016)5stars
    Dr. Kramer did a wonderful job during my visit. She was incredibly patient and made sure that all my optical needs were addressed. I would highly recommend her.


  • Anonymous (April 25th, 2016)5stars
    Dr. Kramer is careful and conscientious. She is extremely thorough and takes her time explaining the options to her patients.


  • Anonymous (April 4th, 2016)5stars
    Dr Kramer is very professional.she cares about every details. she has a lot of patience with children.Plus she is a very gentle person. And her office is very clean. I will recommand her at 100%.


  • Anonymous (March 8th, 2016)5stars
    She was very nice and very professional. Great service.


  • Alfonso (March 6th, 2016)5stars
    Dr. Kramer is a professional with excellent bedside manners and very intelligent Well trained at Bascom Palmer.


  • Anonymous (March 1st, 2016)5stars
    Excellent, top notch eye are physician who takes time to explain the patient’s condition. I have been a patient for many years.


  • Anonymous (February 29th, 2016)5stars
    Dr. Kramer was very professional and made a diagnosis of my problem that was unexpected, but welcome. She referred me to an opthamalogist that will alleviate my vision situation in a very short office visit. Thank you dr. Kramer!


  • Anonymous (February 29th, 2016)5stars
    Dr Kramer was very knowledgeable and open to explain and answer all my concerns. She was very helpful and willing to help me get covered by my insurance as much as possible. I would highly recommend her to any one with special conditions needing contacts.


  • Anonymous (February 25th, 2016)5stars
    Dr. Kramer is wonderful. Very accessible, knowledgeable, accommodating, and easy to work with. Never have to wait more than a few minutes to see her, even if I’m late for my appt!


  • Anonymous (February 5th, 2016)5stars
    Knowledgeable, experienced, attentive optometrist. Friendly and hospitable staff. Overall wonderful experience.


  • Anonymous (January 31st, 2016)5stars
    The office is beautiful and Dr.kramer is a sweetheart. Had a wonderful experience


  • Anonymous (January 31st, 2016)5stars
    Dr Elise Kramer has been really professional and helpful. She checked all my background so that she could see the big picture. She explained me accurately what my problem was.i would recommend her to everybody. I felt my eyes were safe with her!


  • Anonymous (January 24th, 2016)5stars
    Very nice, professional and informative.


  • Anonymous (January 24th, 2016)5stars
    I found Dr. Kramer to be friendly and warm upon my arrival. She took her time with me and explained everything she was doing throughout the exam. Dr. Kramer was professional and very knowledgable. I highly recommend her!


  • Anonymous (January 18th, 2016)5stars
    My first visit to Dr Kramer and I was very pleased with the friendliness of her staff. I waited less than 10 min for my appt. Her exam was thorough, she explained everything, she was very patient and she has a soft touch. I would definitely recommend her!


  • Anonymous (January 4th, 2016)5stars
    I’ve never had an eye exam of this depth and quality–either from an optometrist or an ophthalmologist!


  • Anonymous (December 8th, 2015)5stars
    Dr. Elise Kramer has been awesome! She’s very professional, and knowledgable, evacuating all my doubts, and providing great and valuable information to me. Recommended 100%!


  • Anonymous (November 18th, 2015)5stars


  • Anonymous (October 30th, 2015)5stars
    Very happy with my experience with Dr. Kramer. She was extremely professional and addressed my main concerns in a timely fashion. Her office is clean, comfortable and the front desk is friendly. I’ll definitely be back!


  • Anonymous (October 7th, 2015)5stars
    Highly recommend


  • Anonymous (August 14th, 2015) 5stars
    The office is nice and I didn’t have to wait long to be seen. Dr. Kramer did a very thorough job examining the eyes. She is professional but can come off a bit cold and unfriendly. Her office is easy to access and not far from me, so I’ll likely return.


  • Daniel (July 2nd, 2015)5stars
    Very nice manner. Very knowledgeable.


  • Anonymous (May 20th, 2015)5stars
    She was very interested and meticulous in her work, and the recipe she gave me, improved a lot my condition in a very quick way. Fue muy buena atención, me pareció un buen detalle que hablamos Español todo el tiempo.


  • Anonymous (May 12th, 2015)5stars
    Great eye doc.


  • Anonymous (April 9th, 2015)5stars
    Dr. Kramer actually answered the phone herself and responded to all of my questions about Ortho-K lenses. I got an appointment with her the same afternoon, she ordered my lenses immediately, and followed up with a call to tell me when they would arrive.


  • Anonymous (April 2nd, 2015)5stars
    I recommend Dr Elise if you really want to find someone who is more than a Doctor , if you want to find a friendly human person and that really works with heart to resolve your problem to something important as your eyes .


  • Anonymous (March 25th, 2015)5stars
    Was down to my last pair of contacts and was literally seen the same day I made my appointment. Exam was very thorough. Thumbs up!


  • Eliyahou (March 12th, 2015)5stars
    What an amazing doctor! Patient, friendly, loving and very smart. Best eye doctor anyone can ever ask for!


  • Anonymous (February 26th, 2015)5stars
    Very thorough and professional.


  • Anonymous (February 10th, 2015)5stars
    She was great, very professional and attentive I would recommend her.


  • Claudia (February 5th, 2015)5stars
    It was a great experience. Dr. Kramer was very kind and she was able to answer all my questions.


  • Anonymous (February 4th, 2015)5stars
    Very satisfied with my consultation with Dr. Kramer, She is very attentive to patients concerns and aims to the patients’care.


  • Anonymous (February 4th, 2015)5stars
    Dr Kramer was very pleasant and professional She addressed all our medical issues and did a very thorough exam. Would definitely recommend to others.


  • Anonymous (January 30th, 2015)5stars
    Very detailed oriented OD. Knows her job very well and is great with people.


  • Anonymous (May 20th, 2014)5stars
    In overall I consider Dr. Kramer an excellent professional. She addessed every concern I had about my vision throughly. I highly reccomend her to whomever needs her services. I will certainly let my family and friends know about her practice. Thank you!


  • Russ(May 7th, 2014)5stars
    Excellent care provider. Dr. Kramer took the time to analyze my vision problem in depth and was able to provide a better corrective lens then priors docotrs. I was extremely impressed and will certainly return.


  • Anonymous (April 28th, 2014)5stars
    Very professional, compassionate, reassuring and capable.


  • Guy (April 14th, 2014)5stars
    Very satisfied with dr Kramer, knowledge and expertise to correct my vision problems. I highly recommend Dr Kramer


  • Anonymous (March 27th, 2014)5stars
    Dr Kramer was superb – highly recommended!


  • Anonymous (March 21st, 2014)5stars
    Highly professional, state of the art equipment, highly competent, and extraordinarily personable.


  • Netali (March 3rd, 2014)5stars
    Excellent service from both Dr. Kramer and Elliott! So nice to know there’s a place like this where getting eye exam and glasses is enjoyable and also good quality.


  • Anonymous (February 4th, 2014)5stars
    She’s awesome. Classy lady. Clear and concise. 10/10 do recommend.


  • Anonymous (January 29th, 2014)5stars
    She is an excellent professional.


  • Anonymous (January 28th, 2014)5stars
    Everything was great!


  • Anonymous (January 29th, 2014)5stars
    Reason for visit was to get correct contact lens which previous doctor could not. Very pleased with Dr. Kramer.


  • Anonymous (December 19th, 2013)5stars
    Wow what can i say, Dr. Elise was one of the kindest and most gentle doctors I’ve ever been to. She took her time and patience to explain everything in detail and assured me she was here to help  at anytime if I had any other questions.


  • Anonymous (December 4th, 2013) 5stars
    To the point, very professional, great explanations and great diagnosis.


  • Anonymous (November 26th, 2013) 5stars
    Best experience I have ever had at an eye doctors office! Dr. Kramer was very professional and gentle. She took her time with me and answered all my questions with patience and knowledge. I would highly recommend Dr. Kramer! Loved the shop as well.


  • George (November 22th, 2013) 5stars
    J’aurai aimè avoir ce questionnaire en francais


  • Rafael (November 20th, 2013) 5stars
    Very professional, pleasant made me feel comfortable during the eye examination and all my question’s where answer. Thank you. Rafael


  • Anonymous (October 17th, 2013)5stars
    Very thorough, professional, clear, communicative and friendly!


  • Anonymous (January 2nd, 2014) 5stars


  • Anonymous (January 1st, 2014)5stars


  • Anonymous (December 24th, 2013)5stars


  • Anonymous (December 17th, 2013)5stars


  • Anonymous (November 21st, 2013)5stars


  • Anonymous (November 18th, 2013)5stars


  • Anonymous (November 24th, 2013)5stars


  • Anonymous (November 14th, 2013)5stars


  • Anonymous (November 14th, 2013)5stars


  • Anonymous (October 17th, 2013)5stars


  • Anonymous (October 11th, 2013)5stars

Google reviews

  • Nikki M. (Feb 28, 2014)5stars
    My mother has been a patient of Dr. Kramer for quite some time now and has raved about how experienced and friendly she is. So after moving closer to my family just a little over a year ago, I decided I would try Eye Clarity out. Well the office turned out to be exactly as my mother proclaimed and I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Kramer’s services. She was sweet and pleasant, and actually took the time to listen to my concerns and then she set me up with the care that I needed. I’m extremely pleased with my experience at Eye Clarity and would highly recommend Dr. Kramer to everyone that needs eye care.


  • Jasmine Su (Mar 1, 2014)5stars
    Dr. Kramer has been my optometrist for over a year now and I will continue to go back to her. She is very friendly, very thorough, and does a great job overall. I really feel comfortable going to her. She has a really nice and welcoming office and staff, and uses really good equipment as well. She is easy to talk to and always explains everything to me very clearly and in a way that is easy for me to understand.


  • Michael Brooks (Mar 23, 2014)5stars
    It’s an awesome experience. I was under her treatment for over a month, and finally Dr. Elise did it for me. I am happy that I found her. She is so friendly to talk with. I will recommend this center without any doubt.


  • Nikki Angel (Apr 13, 2014)5stars
    Thanks for your effort. I had a foreign object in my eyes and Dr. Kramer removed it. I will definitely recommend her for any eye caring solution.


  • Kate Bubeica (Apr 17, 2014)5stars
    Last week I booked an eye exam from their website. It was easy and useful, because I’m very busy and I don’t have time to make a call.


  • V. Cabreja (May 7, 2014)5stars
    I loved coming here my first time to get started on my contact lenses. Dr. Kramer really knows her stuff. She was patient and down right professional with me, made me feel like I was an important patient, and I think that’s the best thing you can do for someone. Most doctors I’ve been to for eye exams, and contact lenses just appear to be so busy all the time for you, and try to get rid of you as fast as they can. But Dr. Kramer does her job well, and makes sure you are comfortable and taken care of. So, this is the only Optometrist I come to now.


  • Amanda Molly (Mar 20, 2015)5stars
    From the first time I met Dr. Kramer to now-the staff here is great! Dr. Kramer is amazing at what she does, she is an artist. She fitted lens on my eyes previous month without any trouble. She has really a great experience in Ocular Health and Disease, especially Contact Lens Fitting. She is the best at Miami, give excellent service. If you need eye care, you must go to Eye Clarity Center.


  • Joy Maria (Mar 20, 2015)5stars
    I’ve got nothing but praise for Dr. Kramer. Thought of trying this service as my previous optometrist was hugely expensive. I found the service to be pretty much as described – I am highly impressed and will like to recommend her. Thanks


  • James E. Fisher (Mar 26, 2015)5stars
    I’m glad that I went to Dr. Elise for my eye treatment. She is very courteous, knowledgeable and skilled who tested my eyes before suggesting me to use the contact lens. Now I feel well, even my headache has gone. I’m so thankful to the staffs of Eye Clarity and especially to Dr. Elise.


  • Audrey G Cole (Apr 2, 2015)5stars
    I’m grateful to this eye care clinic to help me. For good vision, I was prescribed to use Scleral lenses. This custom made lenses perfectly fitted to my eyes and sorted out my problems. I must say, this is the best eye care center, according to my experience.


  • Nathan Bryan (Apr 22, 2015)5stars
    I was pleased for the treatment I got from this eye care. They did an eye exam with so care for my contact lenses, and I must say that they were fabulous. After having the test reports, I bought the contact lenses directly from their website. It was perfect! Many thanks to the doctor and the staffs for their wonderful support.


  • David R. Smith (May 4, 2015)5stars
    I went to Elise Kramer for my eye treatment. She was so knowledgeable and courteous. After an eye test, she suggested me to use scleral lenses. I got them from the eye care center. After using them for a couple of weeks, I feel absolutely alright. I am so thankful to Dr. Elise for her help.


  • Randy L (May 22, 2015)5stars
    The doctor was very courteous and knowledgeable, even my treatment was done as required after the eye exam; only except I was in a hurry, but there were many persons who were waiting for their eye exam.


  • Betsy Linder (Jul 31, 2015)5stars
    As a patient, I got a remarkable support from this eye care center. I tried their scleral lenses for my keratoconus (a cornea disease) and I feel very well now! The service was top class, and very helpful. A+


  • John V. (Sep 24, 2015)5stars
    My doctor recommended me to use scleral lenses to cure my myopia. I used these lenses to eliminate myopia and it worked for me. The lenses fitted perfectly and I’m quite okay now. I am very pleased for my experience with this eye care center.


  • Daisy Henderson (Jan 27, 2016)5stars
    I went to Dr. Elise Kramer for an eye exam last week! Now I wear my orthokeratology lenses at night and I only have to sleep to see better! Thanks!


  • Ashley Finestone (Feb 14, 2016)5stars
    Dr. Kramer is an exceptional optometrist. She has a great disposition and treats her patients with the utmost care. Additionally, she is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of health and eye care. I could not recommend this physician any more !!! 6 stars if I could.


  • Mordechai Weinschneider (Feb 14, 2016)5stars
    Dr. Krammer is one of my favorite Drs. She’s patient and knows what she is doing. Additionally she and her office are very accommodating on appointments. I would recommend her to any of family and friends.


  • Simon Shoshan (Feb 14, 2016)5stars
    My usual doctor was off on vacation and I’m glad he was! I tried Dr. Kramer out and Its an amazing feeling to wear night contacts and see perfect when I take them off in the morning 20/20 vision with the best orthokeratology in miami!!! Going back Forsure! I’m glad I have a new eye doctor 😉


  • Jonathan Dadoun (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    Amazing service! A real professionel! Knows exactly what she talks about and transmit the advices in the smoothest way possible. Totally recommend Dr. Elise Kramer. Don’t look any further you found the perfect match for all your visual needs.


  • Elisheva Rouimi (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    Professionalism at its finest. Was very impressed by her knowledge and skills on anything I was concerned about. I would highly recommend Dr. Kramer.


  • David Bitton (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    Simply the best! She’s been our family eye doctor for years now and we have nothing but positive remarks all around. She’s the best!!


  • Lety Orozco (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    La Dr Kramer es exelente, Los resultados son maravillosos! Lo recomiendo 100% estoy feliz.


  • Naomi Bitton (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    Love Dr. Kramer!! Whenever I need contacts I can simply let her know and they arrive in less than a week! Whenever I go for a checkup I am treated with outstanding respect; something you don’t see everywhere. She truly knows what she is doing and you can tell how devoted she it, which is exactly the type of person I want to care for my sensitive eyes.


  • French Connection (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    I love the expert service, definitely 5 stars I will refer Dr. Kramer to my friends 🙂


  • Diane DiamoonLLC (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    Dr Kramer was exceptional , I got fitted for contact lenses. It was a Top Luxurious Eye Exam. I enjoyed a great Nespresso in the beautiful waiting room. Professional courteous efficient Staff. Best experience ever. Would definitely recommend to others.


  • Herve Karsenty (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    I got the most amazing color contact lens fitting in miami. Dr. Elise kramer is an expert at what she does. She gives the patience everyone looks for and is highly experienced at what she does. I recommend anyone looking for speciality contact lenses or even for glasses to go see her!


  • Raphael Soussan (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    The best doctor and i really enjoyed the services. If you never went, it is time to go!!


  • 4Ero Raquella Cura (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    Only the best! You are in good hands with Dr. Kramer.


  • Yossef Benzaqui (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    Dr Kramer Ophtalmo réputer comme une des meilleures de la floride et aussi experts dans son domaine. Conseiller.


  • Gabriel Rouimi (Feb 15, 2016)5stars
    I usually get very sceptical when it comes to Optometrists because I feel that they don’t really know what they’re talking about…but I can GUARANTEE that that isn’t the case with Dr. Kramer. She’s very knowledgable and has years behind her of experience. She’s also very nice. I would recommend her to anyone!


  • Alberto Mergui (Feb 16, 2016)5stars
    The best optometrist in Miami. Best eye exam in aventura. Real professional.


  • Katia Berdah Goldenstein (Feb 16, 2016)5stars
    Amazing eye doctor.


  • Johnny S (Feb 16, 2016)5stars
    Fixed my eyes excellent optometrist miami. Thanks for that amazing scleral lens consultation.


  • Eli Rouimi (Feb 16, 2016)5stars
    Beautiful experience! Beautiful clinic, professional staff and the doctor is always on time!


  • Yitzchak Davidoff (Feb 16, 2016)5stars
    The best.


  • Hanna Cohen (Feb 16, 2016)5stars
    Highly recommend! Great overall!


  • Avraham Raba (Feb 25, 2016)5stars
    Meilleur Ophtalmo de Miami a allez voir si besoin , je viens d’acheter mes plus belles lunettes la bas.


  • Mor Assouline (Apr 17, 2016)5stars
    Amazing customer service! The best scleral lense fitting in Aventura.


  • Eytan Haddad (Apr 17, 2016)5stars
    Dr. Kramer was so caring and professional. You could tell she really cared about me and making sure I was comfortable with my procedure. My vision is perfect now and I couldn’t be happier!
  • Jackie Gonzalez(Jul 6, 2016)5stars
    Excellent, helpful, friendly & clean! Offered coffee or tea by the reception and seen immediately by the beautiful Dr. Kramer. She is very knowledgeable, answered all my questions clearly in a way I could understand (not doctor jargon!) In and out quickly, no long wait!


  • Jackie Gonzalez(Jul 6, 2016)5stars
    Excellent, helpful, friendly & clean! Offered coffee or tea by the reception and seen immediately by the beautiful Dr. Kramer. She is very knowledgeable, answered all my questions clearly in a way I could understand (not doctor jargon!) In and out quickly, no long wait!



  • Michael Lawrance(Jul 25, 2016)5stars
    First visit was an emergency . Called Dr Karmer from my ins. She made time to see me, took care of my eye which was very infected ,I am now a loyal patient 👍 Very little wait, friendly and professional staff.


  • Frank Guido(Sep 7, 2016)5stars
    I have honestly been thinking for over 4 weeks now what to write and I still don’t know how to express my gratitude to Dr. Elise Kramer. She’s a wonderful professional and caring person. The best ophthalmologist I’ve been to. Takes her time to explain the process, gives you time to ask questions and follows up with appointments wanting to know if the lenses are fitting ok, if I have any questions, etc, etc. I will highly recommend her to anyone. The whole experience was amazing! Thanks again! Oh, and did I mention Heidi and the espresso’s?


  • Elizabeth Mitrani(Dec 13, 2016)5stars
    This is a great office because there is not a full waiting room of other patients. The attention is personal and you don’t feel like you are being rushed. Not to mention, I’ve been looking for a way to resolve the issues with my vision for years and she is the only one who found a way.


  • Alex Vranescu(Dec 13, 2016)5stars
    Customer service was excellent. Quick and friendly staff.


  • Patrice Garcon(Jan 11, 2017)5stars
    Everything went great. Awesome doctor and staff.


  • Carlos Blanco(Jan 11, 2017)5stars
    Awesome, best eye doctor in town.


  • Jeezy R(Jan 11, 2017)5stars
    Dr. Kramer makes you feel welcomed from the minute you walk through the door. She is a great mix of competency and warm personality.


  • Dragons NightmareTV(Jan 11, 2017)5stars
    Dr.Kramer and her staff were very professional and nice.


  • Adrienne Calvet(Jan 13, 2017)5stars
    Best experience my kids enjoyed their check up, best ever.


  • Ciprian Gheorghiu(Jan 18, 2017)5stars
    Great Experience. I’ve been a patient for more than 3 years. Recently my spouse joined me for my yearly check up and she liked Dr. Kramer so much, she is also a patient. Late hours and fast, free shipping on my contacts! Can’t beat it!


  • Kalisa Farrington(Feb 2, 2017)5stars
    This was my first time here. The Dr and staff are very polite. This place is very clean. I would recommend a lot of people here.


  • Jana Chavez(Mar 15, 2017)5stars
    I haven’t been able to see in years. Within 30 mins Dr. Elise had me seeing again. If you have Karatoconus like me. Don’t wait! See her today!


  • Tiffany Mora(Apr 6, 2017)5starsI discovered I have the ideal eyesight. Something no other doctor I’ve ever been too could tell me. She’s the best. Hands down.


  • Paul Wanemaker(Apr 27, 2017)5starsI cannot recommend Dr Kramer enough. Her Staff is friendly and efficient, and the The Doctor is extremely thorough and takes the time to listen to the Patient. Dr Kramer is an expert on hard to fit /specialty contact lenses, and has allowed me to achieve perfect vision with great comfort


  • Meghan Lytle(May 14, 2017)5starsBest optometrist in Aventura!!!I helped me get the best contact lenses. And did such a thorough and complete exam. So knowledgeable. You can tell that she loves what she does!


  • Jessika Perez(Jun 17, 2017)5starsThis was my first time here and my overall experience was great! Staff is very nice and welcoming and Dr. Elise very professional and knowledgeable, I went for a regular eye exam but she also took her time to explain my condition, and gave me suggestions for a better eye vision on the long run. Will definitely recommend her!


  • Santiago Urti(Jul 18, 2017)5starsI had my first pair of contact lens and everything went really well. Dr Kramer explained to me all my options and I left her office using my lenses. No more glasses to me!


  • Kadeen Westcarr(Aug 15, 2017)5starsDr. Kramer is very professional and patient centered. She explained everything to my daughter and myself throughly. I highly recommend her to anyone. Her staff is also very nice and professional. No long wait time. Absolutely love them.


  • Octavia McCoy (Aug 15, 2017)5stars
    Friendly staff! Dr. Kramer was especially patient with my two year old.