5 Tips for Picking Your Next Optometrist in Miami-Dade County

optometrist in miami

Are you looking for a new optometrist in Miami? If so, you are probably trying to pick the perfect fit. As with any other kind of professional, you want to make sure you are working with someone who is qualified, well-regarded in their field, and equipped to help you with what you need. As you look around, consider these five tips to guide your search and make your life easier.

  1. Consider specialties: What do you need from an eye doctor? Optometrists have different areas
    of specialty that you will want to consider if you have an idea of what you need. Practices like
    Miami Contact Lens Institute are especially skilled at handling ocular surface disease, corneal
    irregularities, and contact lens fittings for regular and specialty situations.
  2. See what patients are saying: The internet has made it easy to see what people have to say
    about all kinds of businesses—optometry offices included! Look at reviews or ratings on
    Facebook, Google, and other websites to see what patients say about an optometrist’s
    qualifications, office, friendliness, and level of service. Highly-rated optometry offices are
    typically worthy of your trust.
  3. Ask about credentials and qualifications: Any optometrist should be happy to share their
    credentials and qualifications with prospective patients. Where did they go to school? Where
    did they complete their residency? What special programs or training courses have they
    completed? Look for complete profiles, such as these examples from Miami Contact Lens
    Institute: Dr. Elise Kramer and Dr. Robert Sheir.
  4. Look at their services: ideally, your optometrist will have a detailed website where you can read
    up on the services they offer and the conditions they treat. If you are going in for a general eye
    exam, you might not need to know immediately whether the optometrist treats a condition like
    keratoconus. However, you will probably want answers to questions like, “Does this optometrist
    offer comprehensive eye examinations?” or “Does this practice do pediatric optometry?” If you
    can’t find the answers online, pick up the phone.
  5. Check if they accept your insurance policy: If you have vision insurance, you want to make sure
    you are choosing an optometry practice that will accept your carrier and policy. If you have
    vision insurance, one of the big things you want to avoid is going in for an eye exam only to be
    told by the receptionist they don’t accept your insurance provider for future care needs. Any
    eye doctor’s office should be used to getting questions about insurance and should be happy
    and willing to let you know whether your carrier and policy are supported.

Finding a new Optometrist’s office in Miami—whether for yourself or for your kids—doesn’t have to be a stressful
process. By following the tips laid out above, you should find an easy path to the right optometrist.

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