6 Scleral Lens Benefits for Patients with Corneal Irregularities

Scleral Lens Benefits

Finding the right contact lenses to wear when you have corneal irregularities can be a significant challenge. Most contact lenses sit on the surface of the cornea itself. If one or both of your corneas has shape irregularities, it can be challenging for an optometrist to fit you with lenses that provide adequate vision correction. Scleral lenses my be a great option in this case. The scleral lens, a completely customized specialty lens, sits on the white of the eye (the sclera) and vaults over the eye, leaving a tear-filled chamber between the cornea and the lens itself. This design provides several major benefits for patients with corneal irregularities, including the six advantages listed below:

1. A design that works despite irregularities
With standard contact lenses, an irregularly shaped cornea is a challenge because the lens either must match those shapes or risk being ineffective as a vision correction tool. Because scleral lenses vault over the cornea instead of sitting on top of it, they effectively render those irregularities irrelevant—at least as far as lens fitting is concerned.

2. Comfort
Lenses that sit on the cornea itself, in addition to causing problems for patients with corneal irregularities, can be uncomfortable. By resting on the sclera instead of the cornea itself, scleral lenses tend to leave patients with a markedly less foreign body sensation, minimizing irritation and maximizing comfort.

3. Hydration and protection
Speaking of comfort, the fluid layer between the cornea and the scleral lens helps keep the eye hydrated. Eye hydration, of course, ensures comfort and helps keep the eyes healthy and minimize the risk of abrasions, infections, or other eye health issues and injuries. Especially for patients who struggle with both corneal irregularities and dry eye syndrome, scleral lenses are a vital option to have.

4. They are gas permeable
In addition to providing hydration for the eyes, scleral lenses are also gas permeable, which means they allow more oxygen to reach the eye's surface than many types of contact lenses. Better oxygen supply is important to eye, limiting the risk of hypoxia, a common condition in those who wear contact lenses where the eye tissues aren’t getting enough oxygen to maintain proper function. Hypoxia in the eye can cause swelling of the cornea, causing discomfort, hazy vision, or even serious corneal damage.

5. Crisp, stable vision

Perhaps the biggest benefit of scleral lenses—not just for people with corneal irregularities, but for everyone—is that they work. These lenses offer crisp and stable vision, with the liquid layer between the eye and the lens compensating for corneal irregularities and addressing the blurred or distorted vision those irregularities typically cause. In addition, they are very comfortable when properly fit.

6. Longevity
Scleral lenses are specially fitted and custom-made to suit your eye's shape and specific visual corrective needs. Fortunately, the time and money invested in this process are both well spent, as scleral lenses
are durable, high quality contact lenses that—at least with proper lens care—last longer than many other types of contact lenses.

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