Dr. Elise Kramer


Does Myopia or Nearsightedness Cause Blindness?

The word “myopia” is one that you may not be familiar with, but it is undoubtedly one that you should be aware of. Myopia, commonly referred to as nearsightedness, is […]

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myopia -in-teenagers

Five Ways to Slow Myopia as a Teenager

Approximately 30% of adolescents are affected by myopia. This common vision disorder is an accelerating problem typically diagnosed in children between the ages of 6-14. Children are at higher risk […]

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myopia miami

Am I a Good Candidate for Myopia Management?

Myopia, more commonly referred to as nearsightedness, is a severe yet prevalent vision condition in which a person can clearly see objects that happen to be close by. Still, they […]

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What You Can Expect if You’ve Been Diagnosed with Myopia

Myopia, a common vision disorder better known as nearsightedness, affects distance vision in children and adults. Individuals who are diagnosed with myopia can see objects located within proximity well, while […]

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Short Sightedness

Is it Possible to Reverse Short Sightedness?

Is There a Way to Reverse Short Sightedness? Short Sightedness, a term more generally referred to as nearsightedness, is a quite common condition that most people have an awareness of. […]

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