Cosmetic Lenses halloween

6 Common Myths About Cosmetic Lenses

Whether you are trying to put together the perfect Halloween costume, wearing a costume for another reason, or simply want to change your look, you may be tempted to use […]

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scleral lenses miami

Scleral Lenses Demand Is on the Rise. Are They Worth the Cost?

While scleral lenses are sometimes considered a new innovation in the world of optometry, they are the oldest variety of contact lenses in the world. The first scleral contact lenses […]

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Dry Eye Disease miami

Seven Potential Risk Factors for Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that chronically affects millions of people around the world. Dry eyes occur when the lachrymal glands are unable to produce enough tears—or more […]

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Ocular Symptoms

The 6 Ocular Symptoms that Impact Quality of Life Most in People

When something goes wrong with your eyes, you want to obtain medical care as soon as possible because many eye diseases can lead to permanent damage and even blindness if […]

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rubbing eyes

To Rub or Not to Rub? What You Need to Know about Rubbing Your Eyes

Maybe you have something in your eye. Perhaps you are dealing with allergies that are irritating your eyes. Possibly you just have a severe itch in or near your eyes. […]

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