Dr. Elise Kramer

myopia progression

Myopia Progression: What Is It?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a recognized global health issue that shows cases rising rapidly worldwide, most prominently in children over the last two decades. Studies show by 2050, approximately half […]

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optometrist miami

Meet Dr. Shirley Leoni: Interview with Top Optometrist in Florida

Did you always want to be an optometrist when you were growing up? I always found joy in helping others and naturally gravitated towards the healthcare field. My passion for […]

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dry eye treatment

Interview with Dr. Kramer for “Dry Eye to the Rescue”

  Hi, I’m Dr. Elise Kramer and I am an optometrist. I specialize in ocular surface disease, dry eye, specialty contact lenses and I work here in the Weston and […]

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Digital eye strain

Can Digital Eye Strain Contribute to Dry Eye Syndrome?

  Hey guys! Dr. Elise Kramer here from the Miami and Weston Contact Lens Institutes.    So one question I get a lot is does computer use or digital screen […]

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