Contact Lenses

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Vision over 40 Glasses or Contact Lenses We Break Out the Pros and Cons

Even if you’ve had perfect 20/20 vision for your entire life, you’ll probably start noticing some changes in your eyes around the age of 40. Your 40’s mark the start of […]

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orthokeratology ortho-k lenses

Am I a Good Candidate for Ortho-K Lenses? Here’s How to Find Out

Orthokeratology (also known as ortho-k) is a treatment that relies on special-designed gas permeable contact lenses to reshape the surface at the front of the eye, or the cornea. The shape […]

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halloween contact lenses

Be Very Afraid – of Costume Contact Lenses

If you love Halloween, you are probably excitedly making plans for decorations, parties, fun food and drinks, and–best of all–your costume. Many people love to indulge and get creative when it […]

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scleral contact lenses

Am I a Good Candidate for Scleral Contact Lenses? Here’s How to Find Out

In recent years, the use of scleral lenses has become an increasingly common strategy to treat a variety of ocular disorders or vision problems. Scleral contact lenses are special designed contact […]

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Corneal Transplant

Post-Corneal Transplant

Post-Corneal Transplant Diseased or damaged corneal tissue can have profoundly negative effects on your vision. The cornea’s job is to refract light and focus your vision. A damaged cornea distorts or […]

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