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optometrist miami

Meet Dr. Shirley Leoni: Interview with Top Optometrist in Florida

Did you always want to be an optometrist when you were growing up? I always found joy in helping others and naturally gravitated towards the healthcare field. My passion for […]

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scleral lenses dry eyes

How Can Scleral Lenses Help Dry Eyes?

If you have dry eye syndrome, you are all too familiar with the itchy, irritated, uncomfortable, and even painful sensations that come with this condition. Eye drops and artificial tears […]

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4 Conditions That Scleral Lenses Can Treat

Understanding the 4 Conditions That Scleral Lenses Can Treat

Scleral lenses are a life-changing development for countless people. The facts of scleral lenses and their development is amazing. The name of these lenses comes from the fact that they […]

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scleral lenses facts

5 Facts You Should Know About Scleral Lenses

Scleral contacts are gas permeable contact lenses that are designed to vault over the entire cornea area and rest on the sclera (the white) of your eye. They are meant […]

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MiSight Lenses myopia miami

How MiSight Lenses Can Help to Slow the Progression of Myopia

Myopia is a disease that affects millions of Americans — it is a condition that makes it difficult to see objects at a distance (also known as nearsightedness). Myopia management […]

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