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Interview with Dr. Kramer for “Dry Eye to the Rescue”

  Hi, I’m Dr. Elise Kramer and I am an optometrist. I specialize in ocular surface disease, dry eye, specialty contact lenses and I work here in the Weston and […]

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Complex Eye Disorders and Treatment

Dr. Elise Kramer appeared on Dateline Health to discuss eye health and the eye disorders you should be aware of. Below is the transcript of Dr. Kramer’s part discussing scleral lens: […]

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What is dry eye syndrome?

Are you dealing with persistently dry, itchy, scratchy feeling eyes that sometimes burn? You could be suffering from dry eye syndrome, a condition that affects a quarter of patients visiting ophthalmic clinics. […]

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Remove term: Blurred Vision and Eye Irritation Blurred Vision and Eye Irritation

Causes of Blurred Vision and Eye Irritation

Blurred vision and irritated eyes are two of the most common complaints that our Miami eye doctors hear. Because irritated eyes may be dry, eye irritation and blurred vision often […]

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Sjogren’s Syndrome Dry Eye

Sjogren’s Syndrome, Causes and Treatment in Miami

Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disease that affects the glands that produce tears and saliva. Sjogren’s Syndrome inhibits these glands from doing their job. As a result, the two most […]

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