Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month – Tips for Kids to Keep Their Eyes Safe and Healthy

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, a time to raise awareness about children’s eye issues and ways to prevent vision and other eye health problems in the younger […]

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kids eyeglasses

7 Ways to Help Your Child Transition from Eyeglasses to Contact Lenses

For many reasons, children often want to be free of their eyeglasses in favor of contact lenses. It could be due to being self-conscious about their appearance during their teenage years, […]

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Child’s Vision Development

6 Things You Need to Know about Your Child’s Vision Development

Your baby’s eyes will not be fully developed at birth. On the contrary, it will take several years for the eyes to continue growing and maturing, and for your child to […]

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Is Too Much Screen Time Really Bad for My Kid's Eyes?

Is Too Much Screen Time Really Bad for My Kid’s Eyes?

According to a 2017 study from Common Sense Media, the average child eight years old or younger now spends two hours and 19 minutes every day looking at a screen. That […]

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kids eye exam

6 Reasons Why Your Child Needs an Eye Exam

As a parent, watching over your child’s health is one of the most important tasks you have. As you navigate challenges in nutrition, physical activity, and the changes their body goes […]

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