Scleral Lenses

5 Things You Can Expect When You Start Wearing Scleral Lenses

5 Things You Can Expect When You Wear Scleral Lenses

Scleral contact lenses are large diameter, rigid gas permeable lenses that deliver exceptional vision correction and maximum comfort through their revolutionary design. The innovative configuration of this specialized lens causes […]

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Different Types of Scleral Lenses

How to Determine Which Scleral Lens is Right for You

Innovation in contact lens technology has created a viable option in corrective eyewear for patients who previously were not candidates for using contact lenses, whether due to certain ocular health […]

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dry eye syndrome

3 Ways Scleral Lenses Help to Treat Dry Eye Syndrome

Have you noticed that your eyes feel gritty, burning or irritated? Although it’s not uncommon for your eyes to feel this way at the end of a long day, particularly […]

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optometrist miami

Meet Dr. Shirley Leoni: Interview with Top Optometrist in Florida

Did you always want to be an optometrist when you were growing up? I always found joy in helping others and naturally gravitated towards the healthcare field. My passion for […]

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scleral lenses dry eyes

How Can Scleral Lenses Help Dry Eyes?

If you have dry eye syndrome, you are all too familiar with the itchy, irritated, uncomfortable, and even painful sensations that come with this condition. Eye drops and artificial tears […]

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