Which Contact Lens Should I Choose for My Child’s Sports?

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Do you have a child who plays sports – and wears contact lenses? Contact lenses can be very helpful to athletes of any age for numerous reasons:


  • They offer better peripheral vision.
  • They provide an unobstructed field of view.
  • They are less likely to become fogged up.
  • They are more compatible with safety equipment.
  • They can be more comfortable than wearing eyeglasses during practices and workouts.


Whether your child is into football, basketball, soccer, track, cycling, tennis, or another sport, contact lenses can save them from many of the potential hassles associated with wearing spectacles on the field or court. However, there are endless options out there for most contact lens wearers. Which ones are best for sports? Let’s take a look at a few good choices:



Orion BioSport lenses are yearly-wear soft contact lenses designed specifically for athletes. These custom-tinted lenses are extremely popular among professional athletes across a range of activities. All the different tints come in full iris and pupil-only varieties, and each serves a specific purpose. For example:


  • Amber: The amber lenses block blue light, heightening visual acuity and sensitivity to contrast. This tint works well for softball, baseball, football, water sports, and skiing.
  • Green: The green option can also heighten contrast while preserving color balance. This feature can be beneficial in bright outdoor light.
  • Gray Green. These lenses offer sun protection as well as improved contrast. Golfers may find these lenses helpful in allowing them to perceive distance more accurately.
  • Yellow lenses are good at sharpening contrast in hazy, overcast, or low-light conditions, such as those found in nighttime football, driving, or hunting.


Orthokeratology Lenses

Orthokeratology lenses, also known as Ortho-K, may be a good option for people who have had trouble wearing contact lenses in the past or those who prefer not to wear any lenses during sports. Unlike traditional contact lenses, Ortho-K lenses are worn at night while the person sleeps. They are custom-designed to shape the person’s cornea overnight so that they can then remove the lenses in the morning and enjoy clear vision all day long. If you want to eliminate your need for corrective lenses during the day but don’t want or can’t have vision correction surgery, Ortho-K may be right for you. Ortho-K lenses have some specific advantages over traditional lenses, such as:


  • Greater comfort. Because your child won’t be wearing contact lenses during their sports engagements, they won’t have to worry about lenses that dry out, come dislodged, or cause their vision to fluctuate.
  • Astigmatism correction. In some cases, contact lenses don’t correct astigmatism as well as eyeglasses can, because they can move around on the eye during certain postures or head movements. This can lead to unstable vision. Orthokeratology can eliminate astigmatism during sleep.
  • Less allergy aggravation. Even people who usually have no problems with their contact lenses can find that they become less comfortable during allergy season. That’s because pollen and other allergens can stick to contact lenses, causing irritation. Orthokeratology corrects vision while the person is sleeping, eliminating this risk.

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Which Lens is Right for Your Child?

If you are trying to find the best contact lens option for your athletic child, you have plenty of options. Especially because of the growing awareness of the need for eye safety during sports and the desire for optimal vision for people of all ages, there are more products than ever designed to address these issues.

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The good news is that you don’t have to make this decision alone. Make an appointment for your child with us. We’ll provide a child’s eye exam and talk with you and your child about their specific needs. Then, we’ll help identify the best solutions. Your child isn’t stuck with eyeglasses or uncomfortable contact lenses during sports – contact us now for a better alternative.

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