December is safe toys and gifts month

December is safe toys and gifts month –In honor of national Safe Toys and Gifts Month in December, the World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc. (WATCH) nonprofit organization since 1973 has issued its annual “Worst Toys” list. W.A.T.C.H. urges parents and caregivers to take precautions when buying toys — especially during the 2016 holiday season, which accounts for more than 65 percent of all toy sales.This year’s toy report demonstrates the types of toy hazards available — including inconsistent and inadequate warnings, cautions and age recommendations — so parents know what traps to avoid when buying toys.For more information and to view the list, visit

Playtime is an important part of growing up, but if families are not careful, toys can really hurt a child. In fact, toy-related injuries send about 180,000 kids to the ER every year. The home can be made a safer place to play by employing the following tips from Safe Kids Worldwide:


* Buy age-appropriate toys.

* Keep kids under age 5 away from any toys or games with small parts that could become a choking hazard.

* Toys for young children should be well-made enough to withstand rigorous play.

* Before giving any riding toy, ensure that the child can sit up without being supported and is within the product’s recommended age range.

When scooting, skating or biking, a child should always wear a helmet.


* To avoid potential foot pain, trips and more, pick up toys when playtime is over.

* Store toys on open shelves that children can reach easily. Consider that boxes with lids could potentially be a trap.

Extra Care

* With battery-operated toys, make sure that battery cases can only be opened by an adult with a screwdriver.

* Toys sold in the U.S. should be lead-free.

For more information, and to check for toys that have been recalled, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website at



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