How Does Myopia Stabilize with Ortho-K Lenses?

How Does Myopia Stabilize with Ortho-K Lenses?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common vision condition that has steadily grown into a troubling, global health issue with no projected decline. A recent study estimated that 30% of the world is currently myopic; by 2050, that number will increase to 50%.

Nearsighted individuals can see objects within a close vicinity clearly, while objects far away appear blurred. This occurs when the eye is too long and the image focuses in front of the retina rather than on the retina. This condition tends to run in families and may develop gradually or advance quickly, depending on the individual. Myopia typically worsens during childhood and adolescence.


Ortho-K Lenses: An Effective Solution Proven to Slow Down Myopia Progression

Several treatment options are available to manage myopia to improve vision by helping light focus on the retina. This can be achieved using corrective lenses. The condition can also be decelerated using topical atropine drops. Parents may even be able to help prevent myopia from developing early by encouraging their children to spend more time outdoors. One solution that corrects vision and slows the progression of myopia is orthokeratology contact lens therapy, also referred to as Ortho-K lenses.

Treatment using Ortho-K lenses requires patients to wear rigid, gas-permeable contact lenses for several hours overnight, which will flatten the curvature of the central cornea. Once this corneal reshaping has taken place, patients will be able to see clearly without any corrective glasses or contact lenses. If treatment is discontinued, the eye will return to its former shape. A National Library of Medicine published study confirms:

“Long-term wear of orthokeratology lenses can slow down the axial eye growth, i.e., the progression of myopia.”

The study took place over a ten-year period; it included 84 patients diagnosed with progressive myopia between the ages of 7 and 16 years. The study concluded that wearing Ortho-K lenses at night improved the corneal topography of the eye and successfully corrected low to moderate myopia. Other published studies shared these important findings about orthokeratology as an effective treatment for myopia in children:

  • Early intervention is critical to slow progression and prevent complications that threaten sight, such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, and other degenerative changes that can occur with age.
  • When used to correct myopia, orthokeratology has been shown to slow progression in children by 36-56% compared to peers wearing eyeglasses or conventional contact lenses.
  • The safety and efficacy of Ortho-K lenses as a treatment for myopic progression have been well established.

Optometrists Concur: Ortho-K Lenses Offer the Most Effective Myopia Treatment

Ortho-K lenses have been used for decades and remain the most effective solution for correcting myopia and slowing myopia progression. Ortho-K lenses offer excellent vision correction and a convenient and painless option that provides visual freedom for children who live active lifestyles, including school, sports, and play. It eliminates the worry of taking care of eyeglasses and provides greater peripheral capabilities where eyeglasses fall short. In addition, Ortho-K lenses work to slow the progression of myopia in comparison to other alternatives that merely offer vision correction or myopic deceleration, but not both.



What You Can Expect from Ortho-K Therapy

Patients who begin wearing Ortho-K lenses will notice results rather quickly. It can take up to two weeks or longer to achieve maximum vision correction. However, some patients experience significant visual improvement within days.

If you are nearsighted and want to learn if you are a good candidate for Ortho-K lens therapy, schedule an eye exam with Miami Contact Lens Institute and consult with one of our skilled eye care professionals. Your doctor will provide you with the most effective options available that will allow you to achieve crisp, clear vision while ensuring that your sight is protected for decades to come.


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