Is Dry Eye Curable?

Is dry eye curable


Hi guys! A question that I commonly get is, “Is dry eye curable? Is there permanent care for dry eye?”

The answer is that usually dry eyes are here to stay because it’s a chronic condition. But, there are a lot of treatments that you can do at your eye care practitioners office and also treatments that you can do at home that can help manage dry eye that can make it more tolerable and some things that make you forget it’s even there.

Unless there’s like an underlying cause for dry eye that you can treat and permanently get rid of,  dry eye is usually something that we have to figure out a way to live with. But thankfully there are so many treatments available. There are so many ways that we can manage this and live with it, and not even worry about it on a regular basis.

Some of these treatments can be done in your eye care practitioners office. They can be done at home and become part of your daily routine and they’re really doable. They’re not uncomfortable and actually feel great, so look into this.

Ask your eye care practitioner about your dry eye. What is the cause and what they recommend for you to do at home to treat it and feel better?


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