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Scleral Contact Lenses Miami

Scleral lenses are larger than regular contact lenses. They are used to restore the ocular surface in conditions that do not respond to other treatments and in people who cannot obtain good vision and comfort with glasses or conventional contact lenses. In recent years, scleral lenses are becoming a popular choice even for those who have normal corneas.

The scleral contact lenses are custom made for each patient and are fitted in a way to vault the cornea and maintain a constant reservoir of fluid between the lens and the cornea to ensure that it remains hydrated. Moreover, this fluid layer also compensates for any surface irregularities, leading to improved vision. Our scleral lenses are highly permeable to oxygen and provide the comfort of a soft lens while achieving higher optical quality. Most patients will have no sensation or awareness of the lens while wearing it.

Scleral Contact Lens Designs

Scleral contact lens designs currently available are considered the best option on the market to provide health benefits and increased comfort. These lenses eliminate blurred and distorted vision, promote healing of the ocular surface and protect the cornea from the surrounding environment and eyelids.

What makes our specialty practice different is that we focus on taking care of this unique patient population. We are passionate about creating custom made scleral lenses that have the potential to change the your quality of vision and quality of life. We are on a mission to continuously update our expertise in the area of contact lens design, thereby providing our patients with the latest lens technology and the best solution for their eyes.

Examples of conditions treated with scleral lenses:


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