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About sMap3D™ Technology

Scleral lenses are a powerful vision correction option for patients who have not found success with other methods. These custom-made lenses are designed to sit on the sclera (the white of the eye) and vault over the patient’s cornea in a way that reduces discomfort and minimizes the impact of corneal irregularities. In some cases, though, the fitting process can take a long time—involving weeks or months of appointments, trial, and error.

sMap3d Scleral Center


That isn’t the case at Miami Contact Lens Institute. Here, we make use of the revolutionary sMap3D™ technology, developed by the company Visionary Optics. sMap3D™ is a “corneo-scleral topographer” that provides a non-invasive way of mapping the eye and fitting scleral lenses. The entire process takes no more than 3-5 minutes and only requires patients to do three gazes: one up, one down, and one straight ahead.

During this process, the machine takes one million measurement points and stitches them together to create a precise and accurate map of the cornea and sclera. The machine will then suggest a lens style for the patient to wear for a second “over-refract” test. After these two tests, we have all the data we need to order custom-fitted lenses just for you.

Our scleral lenses are designed to minimize refits by prescribing lenses directly from surface measurements and based on user-input requirements. View virtual fits and customize lens parameters with the goal of achieving optimal fits for every eye in one platform.

Our patients have expressed surprise and delight at just how quick and easy the sMap3D™ process is. This technology not only makes life easier for our patients, but it also enables us to deliver lenses that fit better, offer higher levels of comfort, and provide maximum clarity in vision. Most patients have read a bit about scleral lenses online and come in, expecting a trial-and-error process along the lines of what they’ve seen online. The speed of the corneo-scleral topographer means less time in the examination chair and more time enjoying the crisp, clear vision that our scleral lenses provide.

If you are interested in learning more about sMap3D™ or finding out how it can help you find a quick and easy path toward improved vision, contact Miami Contact Lens Institute today.

sMap3D Customized Lens Video

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