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Hybrid Contact Lenses

Hybrid contact lenses are lenses intend to provide the best features of two types of lenses. These lenses are a hybrid of “hard” lenses and “soft” lenses.

Hard lenses or Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (often abbreviated as GP or RGP lenses) have a tough plastic design meant to correct vision. They retain their shape better than soft lenses and are more durable and longer lasting. By holding their shape, RGP lenses usually provide crisper, clearer vision than soft lenses. They do not contain water, which means they are less likely to develop deposits or bacterial growth.

Soft lenses lack a lot of the benefits of “hard” gas permeable lenses, but they do have advantages: most patients find soft lenses to be more comfortable and easier to wear than RGP lenses.

Hybrid lenses typically pair a hard lens center with a soft lens size. As a result, they provide the easy wear and seamless comfort of soft lenses while delivering the crisp, clear vision of rigid gas permeable contacts.

UltraHealth Hybrid Lenses from SynergEyes

At Miami Lens Contact Institute, our preferred hybrid contact lens is the UltraHealth lens from SynergEyes. UltraHealth lenses are ideal for patients who suffer from irregular cornea conditions. By delivering more oxygen to the eye and promoting better tear exchange, the UltraHealth lens offers clear vision and superior comfort for longer periods of time.

As with other hybrid lenses, the defining design feature of the UltraHealth lens is the pairing of the GP center and the soft outer portion. Because of the high-quality materials used on the UltraHealth, the lens allows for a healthier flow of tears and an increased flow of oxygen to the eye. Every time you blink, fresh tears will circulate under the lens. As a result, your eyes stay hydrated and your lenses will stay clear for longer, making the UltraHealth ideal for all-day wear.

Because of the soft edges of the lens, the UltraHealth has a familiar fit and size to the lenses you currently use. Patients at Miami Contact Lens Institute are often pleasantly surprised to find this hybrid design fits almost identically to the lenses they have been wearing.

In addition to their other benefits, UltraHealth lenses come with built-in sun protection in the form of a UVA and UVB blocker.

SynergEyes iD Hybrid Lenses from SynergEyes

A breakthrough in contact lens design, SynergEyes iD provides premium performance to both doctors and patients. SynergEyes iD hybrid lenses are individually designed to each patient’s unique ocular anatomy utilizing Keratometric readings, HVID and Refraction to personalize precise lens parameters.

SynergEyes iD highlights include:

  • Personalized lenses made specifically for each patient by providing Ks, HVID and Rx
  • Empirically fit
  • Exceptional clarity of a GP lens, with soft skirt comfort
  • Linear SiHy soft skirt follows the linear shape of the sclera
  • Multifocal lens powered by a proprietary Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) design from the Brien Holden Vision Institute.

Prescribing the Right Contact Lenses 

Miami Contact Lens Institute will prescribe hybrid lenses in cases where the patient has irregular corneas. Cornea irregularities can vary dramatically from one person to another, and there is no one-lens-fits-all solution.

The standard UltraHealth hybrid lens is typically prescribed for patients with keratoconus (corneas bulging outward) or other similar irregularities. The second type of lens, the UltraHealth FC, is designed for patients whose corneas are flatter. Usually, eye doctors prescribe this type of lens to patients who are recovering from refractive surgeries such as LASIK or RK.

Ask Your Eye Doctor about Hybrid Contact Lenses

If you have corneal irregularities and have been struggling to find a contact lens that works for you, hybrid lenses from SynergEyes might be the answer. At Miami Contact Lens Institute, we are happy to consult with you to discuss whether UltraHealth lenses could be the right fit. Call us at (305) 814-2299 to schedule an appointment.

Patients’ Resources from SynergEyes

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