5 Effects of Scleral Lenses That Enhance the Lives of Patients

Scleral Lenses That Enhance the Lives of Patients

If you have been diagnosed with keratoconus, then you may have heard of scleral contact lenses. Scleral lenses are specially shaped to “vault” over the cornea, correcting vision, improving comfort, and keeping the eye bathed in moisture. Here are five ways that scleral lenses can improve your quality of life. 

  1. Scleral lenses are extremely comfortable

Many people are concerned that their scleral lenses won’t be comfortable because of their size and rigidity. In reality, even though scleral lenses are larger than other contact lenses, they are far more comfortable. They do not move around freely with every blink like other lenses do and they gently rest on the sclera, the white part of the eye. The other reason is that they are filled with saline solution which cushions the surface of the eye.

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  1. Scleral lenses reduce glare

If you’re struggling with excessive glare—for example, when driving at night—scleral lenses can correct the problem. These lenses have very large optic zones that remain in place all day long, minimizing glare and halos around lights. Traditional corneal lenses can move around quite a bit, resulting in starbursts and light reflections. The larger optic zone of scleral lenses benefits everyone who wears them, particularly athletes and patients who have trouble driving at night because of glare. 

  1. Scleral lenses deliver consistent vision

Because scleral lenses are filled with saline to keep the corneas consistently moist throughout the day, vision does not deteriorate or fluctuate hour to hour due to dryness. The natural moisture of our eyes can vary greatly depending on factors such as medications, environmental conditions, or the inability to produce enough tears. Scleral lenses correct these and other issues to improve vision quality and stability. 

  1. Scleral lenses can promote ocular healing

Correcting vision and enhancing comfort are only parts of what scleral lenses can do. The oxygen-permeable, liquid-filled vault also protects the eye. As your eyes receive the oxygen and moisture that they need to stay healthy, they can protect themselves from outside irritants and other threats. That makes scleral lenses ideal for healing the ocular surface, such as after an injury or surgical procedure. 

  1. Scleral lenses are surprisingly cost-effective

It may seem that because scleral lenses are custom-fitted and designed to treat medical conditions, they should be more expensive than other contact lenses. Patients are often pleasantly surprised to find out that this cost increase is not necessarily the case. 

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Scleral lenses are often covered by insurance. Even when they aren’t, however, many people find the benefits to be well worth the investment. Keep in mind that when you clean and maintain your scleral lenses properly, they can last much longer than other lenses, further decreasing their overall cost. 

Scleral Lens Wearer Testimonial

Testimonial from Shahin, a Miami Contact Lens Institute’s patient 

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Kramer, having suffered from significant Keratoconus in my right eye. The scleral lenses, which were new to me, also greatly aided my night driving and overall vision. Dr. Kramer was very professional and thorough during the entire process. Highly recommend.

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