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A good education for children is obtained through good schools, teachers and vision. The American Optometric Association, recommends pediatric exams for children at 6 months, age three and again, right before starting kindergarten. Your child’s eyes are constantly in use in the classroom and while playing. If your child has uncorrected vision or eye health problems , their learning, social and athletic abilities may suffer. High quality eye care can help your children reach their highest potential. At Miami Contact Lens Institute, our goal is to ensure their vision is optimal and there are no eye health concerns. Eye Care for children differs than that for adults. Children rarely complain about eye problems because they don’t know what normal vision is. If their vision is blurry from early on in their life they may not know that clearer vision exists. Early detection and treatment are the most important steps to optimize vision in children. In addition, because vision can change without you or your child noticing, children should visit the optometrist at least every two years, or more if indicated by your doctor. If needed, the doctor can prescribe treatments including eyeglasses, contact lenses or vision therapy.

Visiting the doctor is not the most pleasurable experience for children; we are trained to assess vision and eye health for all age groups and grade levels and work hard to make the eye exam as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Children can conveniently get their pediatric exams after school hours as we offer eye exams until 5:30 pm.

The cornea is the clear dome of tissue on the surface of the eye. Before wearing contact lenses, it is very important to ensure that the cornea is healthy and intact with no underlying problems. We measure the curvature of the cornea to ensure that the contact lens moves properly and is comfortable.