Seven Common Contact Lens Misperceptions People Have

Contact Lens Misperceptions

Perhaps you have thought about getting contact lenses, but you are hesitant because you’ve heard that contact lenses are awkward, uncomfortable, or dangerous. In fact, none of these are true. Contact lenses are safe and convenient, and many people enjoy the freedom of not having to wear glasses every day. Here are a few of the misperceptions around contact lenses and why they aren’t true.


  1. Not everyone can wear contact lenses


In truth, almost everyone can wear contacts thanks to advances in technology in recent years. People with presbyopia can choose multifocal lenses while those with astigmatism can find soft, rigid, and hybrid lenses to produce clear vision. Custom lenses are available to correct other challenging prescriptions.


  1. Contact lenses are uncomfortable


Contact lenses should never be uncomfortable. The wearer may experience contact lens awareness temporarily while he or she adjusts – but after that, most people don’t even notice they’re there. For people who do experience discomfort or pain, there are several solutions once the cause of the discomfort is identified.


  1. Contact lenses can become lost behind your eye


False. The eye is protected by the conjunctiva, a thin membrane that covers the white part of the eye and connects to the inside of the eyelid. This membrane makes it impossible for a contact lens to slip behind the eye and get lost. By the way, contact lenses also cannot become permanently stuck to – or in – your eye.


  1. Contact lenses are difficult to care for


In years past, the multi-step systems required to take care of contact lenses may have put some people off. However, today’s one-bottle lens care products make cleaning and disinfecting super easy and fast. Daily disposable soft lenses even eliminate the need for any maintenance at all.


  1. Contact lenses are difficult to put in


It certainly may take some practice, but when you receive your first pair of lenses, your eye care professional will show you how to correctly apply and remove your lenses and ensure that you are comfortable with the process before you leave. Most people find that they become adept at handling their lenses much more quickly than they expect to.


  1. Contact lenses are too expensive


The truth is that contact lenses often cost less than some eyeglasses. It may seem pricy because of the upfront investment, but even daily disposables (once a luxury) can be as affordable as one dollar per day.


  1. I’m too old to wear contact lenses


Advancing age may have been a barrier to contact lens usage previously, but this is no longer the case. From multifocal lenses to contacts designed for dry eyes, there are many options now for older individuals who wish to be free of their glasses. Ask your eye doctor if you can wear contact lenses, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the answer.


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