February 2022

Interview with Dr. Kramer for “Dry Eye to the Rescue”

dry eye treatment

  Hi, I’m Dr. Elise Kramer and I am an optometrist. I specialize in ocular surface disease, dry eye, specialty contact lenses and I work here in the Weston and […]

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Can Digital Eye Strain Contribute to Dry Eye Syndrome?

Digital eye strain

  Hey guys! Dr. Elise Kramer here from the Miami and Weston Contact Lens Institutes.    So one question I get a lot is does computer use or digital screen […]

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Mask-Associated Dry Eye (MADE)

Mask-Associated Dry Eye

Wearing face masks is an essential measure for fighting the spread of COVID-19. However, while masks may help prevent illness, they also create problems of their own. One of these […]

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Getting Enough Sleep? Your Rapid Eye Movements May Be Saying, “Get to Bed Right Now!”

A team of scientists has found that rapid eye movements could provide an objective way to measure fatigue in people who work long hours. Also called saccadic movements, these mostly […]

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Top foods and drinks that offer dry eye relief

People often complain of having dry eyes, whether it’s due to allergies, contact lens use or an underlying health condition. In fact, about 33 million Americans suffer from the frustrations […]

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