May 2023

Improving Comfort and Vision with Scleral Lenses for Eyelid Abnormalities

eyelid abnormality

Eyelid abnormalities are conditions that affect the eyelids, which are the thin folds of skin that cover and protect the eyes. Eyelid abnormalities are relatively common and can affect people […]

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New to Miami? 8 Tips for Choosing Your Local Optometrist

optometrist miami

When you move to a new city – especially a large city such as Miami, FL – it may seem a bit overwhelming to choose a new optometrist in Miami […]

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November: Diabetic Eye Disease Month

Diabetes can lead to a wide variety health complications, including heart disease, nerve damage, stroke, kidney disease, and vision loss. In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness among working-age […]

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Healthy Habits For Contact Lens Wear

As teens head back to school, reinforcing proper contact lens wear and care can promote good vision and healthy eyes throughout the school year and throughout life. Young people are […]

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8 Things Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health

Ophthalmologists look into your body in a way no other doctor can, giving them surprising insights into what’s going on. What your doc is seeing: Fluid buildup under your retina, the […]

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