Wearing Contact Lenses during Pregnancy?

Many women experience a change in vision during pregnancy. Even though this is completely normal, it can lead to unexpected predicaments. To be able to fully carry and nourish another life, the body has to adapt. That is why, during pregnancy, your current state of vision may come to change. If you are a frequent contact lens wearer and pregnant, here are some tips on how to handle this unanticipated change.

During pregnancy, the shape of the eye may change due to irregularities in blood pressure. This is an effect of pregnancy and is completely normal. But even so, an unavoidable side effect is the swelling of the cornea. You will not actually feel the eyes swelling, but you may find that your contacts or glasses no longer properly correct your vision.

Do not be alarmed if you get blurred vision or experience other discomforts. Regarding your contacts, the problem will most likely be that they no longer fit your cornea, thus causing discomfort.

Again, this is normal and can easily be corrected with a new pair of contacts or glasses. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with your local eye doctor at least twice during your pregnancy.

Post pregnancy, the cornea may not return to its original shape. The new form will not be visible as the changes are so small, but your vision may change permanently. Since there is no way of determining this in advance, consider the following two temporary solutions to altered vision during pregnancy.

New Glasses

When your local optician has determined the state of your vision, there are two ways of correcting it. Glasses are perfect as a temporary solution if you are used to wearing contact lenses. Look at glasses as an opportunity to try how it feels to look through a pair of frames again. Since your vision no longer is the same, your old glasses will not do. Ask your optician for some fashionable alternatives.

Contact Lenses

To buy a new pair of contacts, you need a prescription from your eye doctor. Remember, your vision is not the same anymore and buying a pair based on an old prescription would not improve your vision at all.

By Anders Wedin
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