What You Can Expect During an Appointment for a Scleral Lens Fitting

What You Can Expect During an Appointment for a Scleral Lens Fitting

Scleral lenses offer an excellent vision correction option for patients unable to wear conventional contact lenses successfully due to poor fit or discomfort. Thanks to its innovative design, the scleral lens will rest directly on the sclera upon application while avoiding contact with the cornea altogether. The lens will vault over the cornea to reduce discomfort and minimize the impact of the cornea’s irregularities. This unique scleral lens design requires each lens to be custom-made to provide a proper fit for every patient.

At Miami Contact Lens Institute, patients are always pleasantly surprised when they are fitted for scleral contact lenses. Patients will often mistakenly anticipate a long, tedious process that may take several weeks or months, with significant trial and error. This incorrect expectation stems from what they may have heard from others who have personally gone through a different process or from what they may have read while researching online. Once patients arrive at Miami Contact Lens Institute for their appointment, they are relieved to learn that our scleral lens fittings use premium technology that allows to highly customize a lens to the unique shape of their eye.


Revolutionary sMap3D™ Technology Delivers Precision Fit of Scleral Lenses.

At MCLI, we utilize sMap3D™ technology, a cutting-edge, corneo-scleral topographer. sMap3D™ technology is used to map the eye and fit scleral lenses with total accuracy and is entirely non-invasive to patients. The sMap3D™ corneo-scleral topographer features 360-degree coverage and 10-micron precision. It captures one million measurement points to create highly detailed maps of the cornea and sclera of each eye. During this process, patients are asked to gaze up, down, and straight ahead. Next, the sMap3D™ corneo-scleral topographer will designate a lens style for the patient to wear during a second “over-refraction”. After completing both tests, enough data will be collected to design your customized scleral contact lenses.




Scleral Lenses Provide a Path Toward Improved Vision

While many patients are apprehensive about wearing scleral lenses due to their large diameter and rigid material, it soon becomes apparent that despite their size and rigidity, scleral contact lenses provide superior comfort after patients undergo a brief adjustment period. In addition, they offer unmatched visual acuity compared to traditional contact lenses due to their precise centration and stability on the eye.

When you return to Miami Contact Lens Institute to receive the scleral contact lenses designed by your eye care practitioner after your fitting, you will be instructed to apply and remove your lenses and care for them. You must adhere to strict, easy-to-follow guidelines prevent infection, maintain your lenses, and ensure they last a long time.



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Scleral Lens Fitting: Enjoy Ease and Convenience at Miami Contact Lens Institute

Are you tired of ill-fitting contact lenses or eyeglasses that are cumbersome and don’t provide the level of visual acuity you desire? Do you want to reclaim an active lifestyle, but your current choice in corrective eyewear won’t accommodate one? Schedule a consultation with MCLI and find out if scleral contact lenses will align with the adventurous life you want to live. Don’t sell yourself short; achieve the crisp, clear vision you want, and regain the active lifestyle you once had. Advancements in restorative vision technology make it possible to attain the level of vision correction you desire to achieve a better quality of life.




Testimonial from Tara, Satisfied Scleral Lens Patient
I have been a patient of Dr Kramer for over 3 years. I see her for scleral lenses. The office is prompt and efficient. The Miami location is easily accessible with adequate parking. I would highly recommend the MCLI for anyone…. especially if you have unique ophthalmic needs that no one else can seem to help you with! I am a very satisfied patient!

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