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“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” Japanese Proverb

Over the last few years, Drs. Elise Kramer and Robert Sheir have created a unique scleral lens practice. The lenses they fit are customized to each individual eye. Their philosophy for fitting scleral lenses is to use the best that modern technology has to offer. They implement that philosophy by using the most recent materials, the best diagnostic equipment, and highly specialized software and computers to address all the vision issues faced by their high-needs patient population.

The scleral lenses designed by Drs. Kramer and Sheir are a major advance in specialty lens care. Their practice focuses on eyes compromised or damaged by surgery, trauma, or disease. The ocular conditions for which they provide care include keratoconus, post-surgical corneal damage and severe dry eye, to name just a few. Specialty lens design and fitting comprise one of the most challenging and time-consuming skills facing eye care practitioners today, especially for those who lack specialized training and experience. These tasks require imagination, innovation, extraordinary care and attention to detail.

Drs. Kramer and Sheir have offered these lenses and services since opening the Miami Contact Lens Institute. They have devoted their cutting-edge practice to restoring vision and comfort to those who have lost it, including patients referred from around the world. Their practice covers the entire spectrum of primary eye care, with an emphasis on non-surgical vision improvement, contact lens and scleral lens care, children’s vision and vision rehabilitation for the visually impaired.

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