New to Miami? 8 Tips for Choosing Your Local Optometrist

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When you move to a new city – especially a large city such as Miami, FL – it may seem a bit overwhelming to choose a new optometrist in Miami with so many options available. However, we’ve got a few tips to help you narrow down your choices.


  1. Look for one with a solid reputation


Online reviews can give you an accurate picture of others’ experiences with the provider you’re considering. Read both positive and negative reviews before choosing – something that might be a problem for someone else might not be for you, and vice-versa.


  1. Check qualifications


Before settling on an optometrist, check their credentials. A provider’s qualifications help ensure that they are the right person to consult. To start with, the doctor should have an eye specialty degree; you can also look for a work history showing that they have relevant experience and has been doing their job well.


  1. Ask for referrals


Be clear on the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist, and then ask your friends and family for suggestions. Doing your research well will help you end up receiving better optometrist services with optimal results.


  1. Look for affordability


You should not choose an eye doctor (or any provider) just because they’re the least expensive. However, you should look for one without hidden costs that can surprise you later. Do remember that quality of care is what matters the most; you should not compromise on this just because someone else is offering cheaper services.


  1. Relevant experience matters


Your optometrist is unlikely to boast about what they’ve done, so you may need to ask. You want a doctor who has experience providing the kind of care you need when it comes to the specific eye conditions and issues you have.


  1. Insist on up-to-date technology


There are many eye doctors out there who still resort to old, outdated equipment. Modern technology equals better care, from slit lamps and retinal cameras to internal imaging cameras and advanced topography. Make sure that your doctor uses the latest technology for faster, more accurate results.


  1. Think twice about a provider who keeps you waiting


Everyone has days when they’re running behind, but it shouldn’t be the norm at your eye doctor’s office. You should be seen within a few minutes of arriving at your agreed-upon appointment time – you’re on time (most of the time), and your doctor should be too (most of the time). Likewise, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months for an appointment in the first place. Find a provider who makes you a priority.


  1. Look for an eye doctor who cares


Be wary of an eye doctor who recommends tests you don’t need just to make a few extra bucks. Your provider should give you accurate advice even if all you have to pay is a one-time consultation fee. However, don’t assume that you don’t need a test that your doctor recommends, either. Use common sense – if your doctor seems to be pushing unnecessary procedures, you’re have the right to decline.


At Miami Contact Lens Institute, we put our patients first. We offer a range of services including comprehensive eye exams, pediatric exams, emergency eye care, contact lenses, dry eye treatments, and our Myopia Management Clinic, all designed to provide the best possible care for a wide variety of conditions. Contact us for an appointment.





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