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Dry Eye Treatment Spa in Miami

Welcome to the Miami Contact Lens Institute Dry Eye Spa. The ultimate intimate spa setting that offers an array of treatments for all kinds of dry eye syndrome.

Please see our treatments below


1. Basic Eyelid Cleanse (20 minutes)
This treatment includes a welcoming eyelid cucumber soak followed by a Tea Tree Oil and Coconut oil massage and scrub. The ideal retreat for our patients to unwind, relax, and combat dry eye and inflammation restoring the eyelids back to balance.


2. Advanced Demodex Eyelid Cleanse with Blepharitis Eye Mask (30 minutes)
Includes eyelid cucumber soak, Tea Tree and Coconut Oil application and massage and an advanced eye mask with far infrared heating for therapy. The heating pad wraps comfortably around your eyes and supplies a comfortable circulation of heat around your eyes. The Heating Pad improves blood circulation around the eyes and improves the flow of meibum from the eyelid glands.
The light blocking attributes allow our patients to relax and get a safe and effective
therapy for their dry eyes while they enjoy pure bliss for the mind, body, and soul.


3. Posterior Blepharitis Meibomian Gland Massage (15 minutes)
A specialized blepharitis treatment that combines one of the previous treatments with an advanced eyelid massage. The gentle vibrations and heat help to gently express meibum from blocked and dry meibomian glands and restore eye comfort and moisture.


4. Anterior Blepharitis Treatment (15 minutes)
Designed to release congesting and restricting toxins and to clean the eyelids. The eyelids are gently exfoliated using a textured cleaning disc. This reduces scurf and bacterial debris, the main causes of inflammatory lid disease, and improves the overall health of the eyelid.

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