Taking the Fingerprint of Your Eye: Why EyePrintPro Delivers Results for Patients


What if you could take a fingerprint of your eye?

Just as every person has a unique fingerprint, every person also has a unique eye shape. The specific
contours of your eyes are distinct from those of your friends, your parents, or even your siblings. It’s the
singular nature of eye shape and contour that makes it difficult for some patients to find standard
contact lenses that fit them correctly. EyePrintPRO™ is a revolutionary technology that makes it easier
for scleral lens practitioners to match the lens to the eye.

Utilizing EyePrintPRO™ actually is like taking a fingerprint of the eye. It is the highest technology
available today in contact lenses. The EyePrintPRO™ device uses groundbreaking elevation technology
to register and map the topography of your eye. This elevation-specific technology enables the device to
create a contact lens design that matches every contour and irregularity on the corneal surface. This
data can then be used to craft contact lenses that are 100 percent custom-made, perfectly tailored to
the patient’s unique eye shape.

Your local eye doctors with an EyePrintPRO™ device can take eye mold-impressions at their offices. The entire
process is simple, gentle, and comfortable for the patients, usually taking just a few minutes. Once the
impression has been taken, the practitioner can send it to EyePrint Prosthetics—the company behind
EyePrintPRO™. EyePrint Prosthetics then creates a prosthetic contact lens to match the impression data.

The lenses designed with EyePrintPRO™ are prosthetic scleral cover shells. Like scleral contact lenses,
EyePrintPRO™ shells sit on the sclera (the white of the eye) and vault over the cornea. The shells are
designed to match the shape of the sclera and the corneal surface not just closely, but exactly. Also, the
lenses are oxygen-permeable and are treated with a solution to maximize lubricity and wettability and
minimize the deposition of proteins and lipids. Between their precise fit and this treatment,
EyePrintPRO™ lenses can deliver high levels of comfort, vision correction, eye health, hygiene, and

What is the difference between EyePrintPRO™ shells and other types of scleral lenses?

By vaulting over the cornea, scleral lenses typically render corneal irregularities irrelevant—both in regarding fit and
vision correction. Unfortunately, there are cases where more standard types of scleral lenses will not
provide adequate results. For patients with extreme levels of visual impairment or ocular surface
deformations, the perfectly-mapped fit of EyePrintPRO™ shells is the only reliable way to achieve vision
correction, comfort, and overall quality of life. Patients with keratoconus, any type of eye trauma
(including chemical burns and post-surgical complications), eye deformities, pellucid marginal
degeneration, severe irregular astigmatism, and a range of other serious eye conditions have found
relief and excellent vision correction with EyePrintPRO™ lenses.

At Miami Contact Lens Institute, we have offer the EyePrintPRO™, and our Optometrist in Miami have experience in
the EyePrintPRO™ impression process. We are an EyePrint-certified practitioner and have worked with
EyePrint Prosthetics on multiple occasions to provide our patients with lenses fitted to the specific
“fingerprint” of their eyes. If you have tried other types of contact lenses with no success or have a
condition that is often treated or corrected with EyePrintPRO™ lenses, call Miami Contact Lens Institute
today. Through a first appointment/consultation and eye exam, our eye care practitioners will be able
to determine whether you are a good candidate for EyePrintPRO™ lenses. If you are, we can proceed in
taking the mold-impressions and get you set up to receive these unique and effective lenses.

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