5 Things You Can Expect When You Wear Scleral Lenses

5 Things You Can Expect When You Start Wearing Scleral Lenses

Scleral contact lenses are large diameter, rigid gas permeable lenses that deliver exceptional vision correction and maximum comfort through their revolutionary design. The innovative configuration of this specialized lens causes it to vault over the cornea and rest its weight entirely on the sclera or the white part of the front of the eye. A sterile, saline solution-filled reservoir that continuously hydrates the ocular surface fills the space created over the cornea. Also, unlike other traditional RGP and soft contact lenses, the composition of the scleral lens allows it to transform an irregularly shaped cornea into a smooth optical surface, resulting in an unparalleled level of visual acuity. For many patients who find conventional lenses uncomfortable, unstable, or unable to provide a satisfactory level of vision correction, wearing scleral contact lenses offer a remarkable solution.

Initially prescribed for use in patients diagnosed with corneal irregularities, ocular surface diseases, and severe refractive errors, scleral lenses are now prescribed to any patient in search of the best option available to achieve sharp, crisp vision as stability in a comfortable contact lens. Patients are pleasantly surprised to learn how cost-effective scleral lenses can be compared to other corrective eyewear alternatives.




How Long Can You Wear Scleral Lenses in a Day? 

What can you expect when you start wearing scleral lenses? How long can you wear scleral lenses in a day? Are scleral lenses comfortable? It’s likely that you will have several questions about scleral lenses. However, here are five advantages to wearing scleral lenses that you can expect to experience for yourself:


  • Custom Fitting – Before you start to wear scleral lenses, you will be fitted for your own customized pair. Each scleral lens is specifically constructed using the latest corneal topographical technology to create a detailed map of your cornea. Using this map, a lens is constructed that will precisely fit the exact shape of each eye.
  • Scleral lenses are less likely to move or dislodge, thanks to their customized fit. These lenses sit firmly on the eyes and offer more stability than traditional contact lenses. They are perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and very beneficial for patients who spend hours in front of a computer screen. These patients will experience less eye strain and a noticeable reduction in eye fatigue as the advanced lenses continuously hydrate their eyes.
  • You can expect to experience dramatic improvements in vision correction and comfort. These are the two prominent features of the scleral lens that set it apart from conventional lenses. Despite their large diameter, they are so comfortable that most patients find they can barely feel them while wearing them. Patients also report that they experience a remarkable improvement in sharpness and clarity when viewing colors and contrasting objects within their visual field.
  • You can expect to have greater peripheral visual acuity and freedom as a result of wearing a larger diameter lens. This is also an advantage for athletes and those who live an active lifestyle. Your world will expand, appearing bigger and brighter once you start wearing scleral lenses.



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Scleral Contact Lenses: See the World the Way You Were Meant to See It

Schedule an eye exam at Miami Contact Lens Institute to learn if you are a good candidate for scleral contact lenses. This choice may be an excellent solution if you experience persistent discomfort when attempting to wear conventional lenses. Our skilled eyecare professionals will provide you with the best options available for achieving the highest level of vision correction and lens comfort based on your eye health. Choose Miami Contact Lens Institute to help you see the world in the best way possible.


Testimonial from Tara, Satisfied Scleral Lens Patient 

I have been a patient of Dr Kramer for over 3 years. I see her for scleral lenses. The office is prompt and efficient. The Miami location is easily accessible with adequate parking. I would highly recommended the MCLI for anyone….especially if you have unique ophthalmic needs that no one else can seem to help you with! I am a very satisfied patient!

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